Certifications SGS

After a decade of certification of the Quality Management System by the standard ISO 9001:2000 in Vítor Hugo – Coordenação e Gestão de Projectos, SA, it was now achieved the goals established 2 years ago, of certification in terms of Health & Safety Management Systems (OSHAS 18001/NP 4397) and Environment (ISO 14001). VHM’s integrated management system (SGI) has been approved and certified on September 22nd 2014.
Achieving this goal has involved the participation and mobilization of all VHM’s workers, in the definition of procedures and acting methods, aiming to optimize and improve the organization’s efficiency in the three areas of certification.

This brings many advantages for the organization, being acknowledged by everyone that the change in culture that is being introduced, has positively transformed the everyday life of workers, thus contributing for a continuous improvement in our services, increase client satisfaction, leading to the introduction of policies aiming the improvement of the onsite health and safety conditions and the improvement in the protection of the environment.

To this day, in the scope of ISO 9001:2008, OSHAS 18001/NP 4397 and ISO 14001, VHM has certified the following service provisions: Worksite supervision and management, safety coordination, environmental monitoring, project development.

VHM’s certification is still extended to provisions of services in the areas of Management and Supervision of Interventions within Development Warranty for the standards of Safety and Environment.
The maturing, growth and modernization of companies is also made through a change in mentalities, being identified a growing concern with the well-being and safety of the workers and a consequent interaction with the environment, implementing in its activity practices aiming the minimization in the consumption of natural resources, reduction of pollution and influence in the communities and external entities in order to meet the same goals.

The renovation audit has taken place at the end of May 2017, in which VHM has been approved with distinction (with a record of zero (0) non compliances). Certified by the Quality Management System by the standard ISO 9001 since 2004, Health & Safety Management System (OSHAS 18001/NP 4397) and Environment (ISO 14001) since 2014, VHM has renewed for one more year its SGI certification (Integrated Management System) in the three standards.
It is once again the demonstration of the commitment, dedication and professionalism of all our workers who, in their everyday lives, apply the procedures and acting methods aiming to optimize and improve the quality and efficiency of our services, intending the full satisfaction of our clients. Simultaneously, this system has enabled the implementation of practices and philosophies whose main concern is the well-being and safety of our workers and the concern with the environment, rendering each of us into a “vehicle” of disclosure in terms of good practices in these fields.

In this sense, VHM’s administration and its directions compromise to encourage the companies’ workers, suppliers, community, interested parties and clients to respect the principles and compromises associated to these new responsibilities.

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