VHM has specialized staff in all project areas, able to coordinate and making E&M specialty projects compatible with multidisciplinary teams to verify and validate them. Leading and coordinating all terms of reference, preparing and implementing the consultation procedures to contractors.
In all specialties, VHM assures the ecessary technical assistance, from execution to final acceptance.

Project Management and Construction

Analysis, follow-up and coordination of projects and works of the teams hired by the construction owner. VHM has qualified staff for all areas of the work site management, developing rigorously all works of supervision, financial control and scheduling. It assures the utmost complete quality control of materials, equipments and execution methods of all works and supplies.

Health and Safety Engineering

VHM develops activities in all areas connected to safety, hygiene and health in the work site, namely emergency and evacuation plans, fire safety projects, safety manuals, organization of health and safety services, safety procedures and risk analysis. VHM promotes safety coordination in project and at work, implements and audits safety systems and control of safety conditions and provides training in this specific area.

Environmental Management

VHM’s team assures all valences interms of environmental monitoring. In the study area, VHM produces waste management plans, management plans and environmental monitoring plans.
During the construction work, VHM assures the implementation of the environmental management systems according to the ISO 14001 norm and the environmental management.

Value Engineering

Conducting quantity surveys, budget estimates and preparation of bills of quantities of construction materials and equipments for the client and contractor. It is analysed the impact of decision making in all stages of project and work, advising in management and cost control. VHM acts as referee in litigation situations.

Energy Studies

Conducting energy studies aiming the verification of project adequacy regarding the buildings’ energy certification rules (RCCTE and RSECE). Promoting solutions of energy efficiency seeking low installation cost and reduced consumption, namely through renewable energy sources.