VITOR HUGO – COORDENAÇÃO E GESTÃO DE PROJECTOS, SA, is committed to actively contributing towards the sustained development of engineering and architectural activities, placing at the various levels of its organisation all its efforts towards fulfilling its social obligations and responsibilities to its Clients, Employees, Suppliers, the Community and Stakeholders in general.
Thus, its performance is guided by responsible design and operation of the processes it develops, promoting continuous improvement of its performance to ensure efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, minimizing the negative impacts of its activity, as well as eliminating hazards and reducing risks to safety and health at work.

In line with these guidelines, the Management of VITOR HUGO – COORDENAÇÃO E GESTÃO DE PROJECTOS, SA, undertakes to
– Ensure strict compliance with stakeholder needs and expectations, organizational context, regulatory, statutory, normative and other requirements related to the company’s activity;
– Promote the existence of a culture of quality, environment and occupational safety and health by all workers in the company’s physical facilities and mobile construction sites;
– Minimize the environmental impacts arising from its activity, adopting practices that lead to the protection of the environment, including pollution prevention and the rationalization of natural resources relevant to the organizational context
– Promote the prevention of accidents, diseases and work-related injuries, in order to ensure and maintain a good occupational safety and health performance;
-Promote the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, aiming at the satisfaction of the customers’ needs, the optimization of the environmental performance and occupational safety and health, establishing for such objectives that stimulate the organization to reach ever higher levels of performance;
– Promote the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of customers, workers and all interested parties, minimizing the occurrence of non-conformities and complaints about the Company;

Further undertakes to encourage the Company’s Employees, Suppliers, Community, Stakeholders and Customers to abide by the above principles and commitments.

                                                                                                                                                The Management,

                                                                                                                                                December 20, 2019